Top 10 Advantages of IP Surveillance over CCTV

The Surveillance Market globally has 'tipped' from traditional CCTV to IP cameras. “In the last year, for new projects in the US and Europe, it has become clear that IP camera sales are outpacing analogue sales. Among enterprise projects, IP's predominance is almost shocking with more than 75% of new projects going with IP.” (Source:, 2011).

This list draws on our experience as a specialist distributor, training and supporting traditional CCTV installers, and enabling them to make the transition to IP Surveillance. As we see it, these are the top 10 benefits and reasons to choose IP Surveillance over CCTV.

1.            Resolution: An analogue camera of 540TVL equates to about 0.4 MP, whereas a standard IP camera of 2 MP, can give over 5 times that resolution. With some IP cameras ranging up to 10MP, it’s easy to see how the technology can cut down on the overall number of cameras required. A typical example would be replacing PTZs on a garage forecourt with one IP/Megapixel camera.

2.            Remote Access: You can login into a secure server remotely, using a web-based interface, to view real-time footage on PCs or Macs, as well as mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Programs such as TeamViewer also allow for remote support and end-user training.

3.            Analytics: The dramatic improvements in hardware have been matched by powerful Analytics Software. Video Management Systems (VMS) can be combined with other software to allow for applications such as license plate recognition, people counting, and motion detection.

4.            Power: IP cameras utilise Ethernet cables which allow for Power over Ethernet (PoE), meaning only one cable per camera is required, to carry both power and data. Furthermore, if re-wiring would prove too costly, it is possible to install a device such as Veracity's Highwire which can allow data and PoE over coax cable.

5.            Hybrid: High end Network Video Recorders (NVRs), such as the Minotaur Server, allow existing CCTV cameras to be incorporated into the IP system. This can significantly reduce the initial costs, and allow a phased approach towards a complete IP Surveillance solution.

6.            Scalability:  Utilising edge processing, and individual camera licencing, it is possible to scale from a single camera up to thousands.

7.            Redundancy: It is possible to record simultaneously to a Network Video Recorder (NVR), and a SD card installed locally on the IP camera. This offers an additional safety net to recover footage in the event of damage/corruption to data on the main NVR.

8.            Lossless Playback: Footage can be reviewed with multiple zoom on playback, even on fixed lens cameras, with no degradation of the image. This alleviates a common problem with analogue systems, where high levels of compression can often leave the image unreadable.

9.            Open Standards: Video Management Systems (VMS), such as ExacqVision, are based on the global standards defined by ONVIF. This allows for interoperability of cameras from various manufacturers, across a single network.

10.          Wireless: If it’s possible to get a line-of-sight between the camera and the server’s location, it is possible to reduce cabling costs by transmitting the data wirelessly, using a product such as the Ubiquiti NanoStation.

Videnda Distribution is a specialist trade-only distributor of IP Surveillance equipment. They are firmly established in the industry, and represent the following security companies throughout the island of Ireland; VIVOTEK, Exacq Technologies, Arecont Vision, ACTi, AVer, Mobotix, QNAP, Veracity, Prodatec, Cognimatics, and Ubiquiti Networks.

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Posted by Sylvester Hiemstra on
Shame this article is so one sided and in places misleading.
Posted by stephrentoza on
Based on the article above IP Camera is better than analog camera of its high resolution of the image
Posted by stephrentoza on
I would choose IP Camera because as what I have read from the blog, this camera offers more advanced systems and nowadays it is widely used all over the world
Posted by kimberly pevidal on
IP camera has more features and more advantages. nowadays, IP camera is the most used by companies.
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